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The idea of making a great cruise on the Atlantic Ocean, full of expectation for future travelers and causes them immense pleasure because it is a journey like no other, crossing the high seas for destinations in Brazil, a country that has immense tourist wealth, beautiful cities with ports for boats that transport their users in comfortable conditions. There are several options to build a plan according to the budget and with the interest in knowing certain places in the Brazilian geography.

Three cruises start in Bogota in direct flight from Avianca and Lan to Rio de Janeiro.

The shipping company MSC makes available to those who plan the trip, three ships with comfortable outside cabins, equipped with everything you need. The Lírica offers a marvelous tour, and includes buffet breakfasts, full meals on board, entertainment activities for children and adults, and access to the various areas of the boat. There will be no time to get bored since there are many attractive activities.

Cruise ships will arrive at different destinations according to the itinerary. The first voyage departs from the port in Rio de Janeiro on December 27. He sails during that day and the next and on the 29th arrives in Salvador (Bahia), a beautiful city in the northeast, with time to get to know the surroundings of the port. The next day he returns, he stops on the 31st at Cabo Frio, a beautiful typical Brazilian seaside resort with sunny beaches of fine and white sand, shops and restaurants. Then it goes up the coast on the Atlantic and arrives at Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, to spend two pleasant days.

The other hotel nights are precisely on the way back to Rio, it is the occasion to get to know the city, go on a tour of places of interest, enjoy the beaches, visit the Christ the Redeemer with open arms as a welcome sign, ascend in typical tourist buses and see the city in all its extension from this great viewpoint. You have to take a cable car ride to the top of Pan de Azúcar hill from where you can see Guanabara Bay.

Time to do water sports or enter a Rodizzio and taste the carioca food based on fine grilled meats. The beautiful and crowded beaches, first class hotels and restaurants, the happy nights to the sound of samba, jazz and caipirinha in bars and night spots, are at the order of travelers.

It ends its journey in Ilhabela, State of Sao Paulo, 209 kilometers east of the city of Sao Paulo, one of the most beautiful spots in that region, an archipelago formed by the large island of São Sebastião. Ilhabela is located there, frequented by tourists in search of a pleasant experience in comfortable hotels and in everything that is offered there. Thanks to its natural attributes, it has become a pole of attraction for ecotourism. Visitors can make various plans, walk, take pictures, rest on the beach under the sun, dive, practice windsurfing and sailing, go horseback riding and rock climbing among other activities of intense recreation.

The majesty of nature offers natural pools to take a refreshing bath, waterfalls and places rich in flora and fauna. In Playa de la Villa is the historical center of Ilhabela. It is worth taking a walk through the streets, getting to know interesting places, stopping at a coffee shop and having a snack as a rest, then reaching the commercial sector and shopping.

The second cruise takes place on the ship Poesía, which departs from the city of Santos in the State of São Paulo. There is one of the largest ports in Latin America, hence its economic importance as the main activity and therefore its effect on tourism. Punta del Este is the next destination, beautiful seaside resort in Uruguay considered one of the most important in Latin America It is a peninsular city in the department of Maldonado. From there, the boat goes to the port of Buenos Aires and stays two days in the capital of Argentina so that sailors can get to know something about this interesting city. He sails again to Montevideo, capital of Uruguay and ends his voyage again in Santos.

Preziosa is the ship that fulfills its itinerary in the third cruise along Brazilian coasts. It also departs from the city of Santos, sails towards Salvador, stays there for two days, returns to Armazón de Buzios to the northeast, 165 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro. With eight kilometers of extension and 23 beaches of incomparable beauty, it is a famous tourist destination, denominated the Brazilian Saint-Tropez, visited by characters like the French actress Brigitte Bardot who stayed long seasons in that place. The journey continues through Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, two days to get to know and rest before continuing to Ilha Grande and then to the port of arrival at the end of the cruise also in the city of Santos.

We must not forget, finally, that a trip by the sea is part of the dream of thousands of people.

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